Big, Bold and Blue
Lessons from Australia’s Marine Protected Areas

Foreword by Tim Winton
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Published: November 2016  

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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The vast expanses of ocean that cover about 70% of our planet have been negatively affected by fishing, pollution and, increasingly, by climate change. To mitigate these effects and safeguard the delicate ecological and environmental functions of oceans and their remarkable biodiversity, international agreements have led to the ongoing creation of marine protected areas around the world. In some of these areas, human activity is prohibited and in others it is managed in a sustainable way. Australia is at the forefront of marine conservation, with one of the largest systems of marine protected areas in the world.

Big, Bold and Blue: Lessons from Australia’s Marine Protected Areas captures much of Australia’s experience, sharing important lessons from the Great Barrier Reef and many other extraordinary marine protected areas. It presents real-world examples, leading academic research, perspectives on government policy, and information from Indigenous sea country management, non-governmental organizations, and commercial and recreational fishing sectors. The lessons learnt during the rapid expansion of Australia’s marine protected areas, both positive and negative, will aid and advise other nations in their own marine conservation efforts.

• Includes a Foreword by Australian novelist Tim Winton
• Authors explain and explore their experience in Marine Protected Areas development, allowing a reader to learn from the practitioner’s real world experience.

Table of Contents:
Foreword (Tim Winton)

Foreword (Inger Andersen IUCN Director General, and Dan Laffoley, Chair of Marine, World Commission on Protected Areas of IUCN)

List of contributors

Part 1: Setting the international and national scene
1. Introduction: the expansion of Australia's marine protected area networks (James Fitzsimons and Geoff Wescott)
2. Marine protected areas: past, present and future - a global perspective (Mark Spalding & Lynne Zeitlin Hale)
3. The evolution of marine conservation and marine protected areas in Australia (Richard Kenchington)

Part 2: Australia’s marine protected area systems
4. The marine protected area estate in Australian (Commonwealth) waters (Peter Cochrane)
5. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: the grandfather of modern MPAs (Jon Day)
6. Marine protected areas in the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic region (Lyn Goldsworthy, Bob Zuur, Gilly Llewellyn)
7. The Western Australian marine conservation reserves system (Barry Wilson)
8. South Australia's experience: establishing a network of nineteen marine parks (Chris Thomas and Vera Hughes)
9. Victoria's chequered history in the development and implementation of marine protected areas (Geoff Wescott)
10. Marine protected areas in Tasmania: moving beyond the policy void (Lorne Kriwoken)
11. Marine protected areas in New South Wales (Pepe Clarke)
12. Marine protected areas in Queensland: past and present (Peter Ogilvie)
13. Marine protected areas and marine conservation in the Northern Territory (Karen Edyvane and Stuart Blanch)

Part 3: Key aspects of Australian marine protected areas
14. A review of marine protected area legislation in Australia (Erika J. Techera)
15. The economic case for marine protected areas (Caroline Hoisington)
16. The science in Australia's marine protected areas (Trevor J. Ward and Romola R. Stewart)
17. Halfway there? Gaps and priorities in the development of Australia's marine protected area network (Daniel Beaver)

Part 4: Differing perspectives on Australian marine protected areas
18. Protecting sea country: Indigenous peoples and marine protected areas in Australia (Dermot Smyth and Miya Isherwood)
19. Beyond marine protected areas: marine bioregional planning and oceans policy (Chris Smyth and Geoff Wescott)
20. False polemics or real consensus? What Australians really think about marine protected areas (Paul Sheridan)
21. 'The issue was that big, I swear!': evidence for the real impacts of marine protected areas on Australian recreational fishing (Adrian Meder)
22. Has South-eastern Australia's marine reserve network reduced risk and allowed the commercial fishing industry to create value? An industry perspective (Simon Boag)
23. Commonwealth marine reserves: big and bold campaigns but business-as-usual outcomes? (Chris Smyth)

Part 5: Synthesis
24. Lessons from the expansion of Australia's marine protected area networks: a synthesis (James Fitzsimons and Geoff Wescott)


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