Blueprints for Tropical Dairy Farming
Increasing Domestic Milk Production in Developing Countries

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Published: July 2017  

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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Blueprints for Tropical Dairy Farming provides insight into the logistics, infrastructure and management required for the development of small and large dairy farms in tropical developing countries. Farmers will learn how to improve the welfare, milk quality and productivity of their dairy herds. This book complements author John Moran’s five previous books on the principles of tropical dairy farming.

The manual covers a wide range of topics related to ensuring the sustainability of dairy production systems in South and East Asia, Africa and Central America. It also provides guidelines for the best management practices of large-scale, more intensive dairy systems, as many larger farms are being established throughout the tropics to satisfy the increasing demands for fresh milk.

Blueprints for Tropical Dairy Farming will be a valuable resource for farmers and stockpeople who want to improve the productive performance of their dairy herds, farm advisers who can assist farmers to achieve this aim, educators who develop training programs for farmers or who train dairy advisers in the basics of dairy production technology, and other stakeholders in tropical dairy production, such as local agribusiness, policy makers and research scientists. National and international agencies will learn new insights into the required long-term logistics for regional dairy development, while potential investors will acquire knowledge into intensive tropical dairy farming.

Table of Contents:
About the Authors
Other Books and Technical Manuals Written by the Senior Author
Acknowledgement of The Crawford Fund
Chemical Warning

Chapter 1: Introduction
Milk supplies and demands in tropical Asian countries
An outline of this book

Chapter 2: The Diversity of Dairy Farming Systems in Tropical Asia
Definitions of dairy farming systems
Strategies to increase domestic milk production
The pros and cons of large-scale dairy farms

Chapter 3: Addressing the Key Constraints to Tropical Dairy Farming
Key activities on any dairy farm
The benefits of intensification
Key constraints facing smallholder dairy farmers in tropical Asia

Chapter 4: Physical Features on Smallholder Farms
Farm infrastructure
Feed storage
Checklist for planning dairy sheds

Chapter 5: Physical Features on Large-scale Farms
Specific details of buildings
Water and feeding management
Tunnel or assisted ventilation barns
Milking parlor and automatic data recording
Summarizing considerations for shed designs

Chapter 6: Managing the Human Resources on Tropical Dairy Farms
Smallholder farms
Large-scale dairy farms

Chapter 7: Best Management Practices for Smallholder Dairy Farmers
The importance of record keeping on dairy farms
Producing quality forages on smallholder dairy farms
The Golden Rules for tropical smallholder dairy farming
Key Performance Indicators
Selected KPIs quantifying each Golden Rule
Quantifying improved herd management
A checklist to assess current herd and farm management
A checklist for assessing current calf and heifer rearing systems
Examples of improved management practices

Chapter 8: Best Management Practices on Large-scale, Intensively Managed Dairy Farms
Forage production
Feeding management
Young stock management
Disease management
Reproductive management
Cow comfort; what it is and why it is so important
Other measures of herd management
Milking management

Chapter 9: Developing Your Observation Skills
What to look for
Don’t just look; observe your stock
Signals of good and poor health
Cow signals at the feed trough

Chapter 10: Addressing the Problems of Stock Welfare
What do dairy cows really want?
Problems of confinement
The basic elements of dairy cattle welfare
Observing and learning from cow behavior
Managing surplus stock to the dairy herd

Chapter 11: Introducing the Concept of Farm Business Management
What is good farm business management?
Breaking down costs and returns on dairy farms
A case study of the herd dynamics and farm profits achievable on smallholder dairy farms in Malaysia
A case study of the Feeding Profits achievable on a large-scale intensive dairy farm in Indonesia

Chapter 12: Regional Smallholder Dairy Development Programs
Steps in planning dairy development programs
The overarching principles of regional SHD development
The Dairy Smallholder Innovative Program

Chapter 13: The Final Words
Constraints to dairy farm developments in Malaysia. A national case study
Risk in tropical dairy farming
The relevance of "high technology" to tropical dairy farming
"Words of Wisdom" from Asia Dairy Network’s E-Conference on by-product feeding
FAO course on "Feeding management of dairy cattle in tropical countries"
Future directions for SHD production in the humid tropics
In summary

Appendix 1 Temperature Humidity Index
Appendix 2 Signals for Assessing Healthy and Sick Cows
Appendix 3 Questionnaire for Indonesian Dairy Farmer
Appendix 4 A Floor Plan of a 50-cow Dairy Shed in Pakistan
Appendix 5 A Plan for a Free Stall Shed
Appendix 6 A Plan for Cooling a Free Stall Shed
Units of measurements
References and further reading