Australia's Dangerous Snakes
Identification, Biology and Envenoming

Cloth: 978 0 643 10673 4 / $89.95
Published: February 2018  

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
432 pp., 8 1/4" x 10 5/8"
color photos, maps, illus
Australia’s venomous snakes are widely viewed as the world’s most deadly and are regarded with cautious curiosity, fascination, and regrettably, fear. Australia’s Dangerous Snakes examines the biology, natural history, venom properties, and bite treatment of medically-important, venomous marine and terrestrial snakes. It contains comprehensive identification profiles for each species, supported by keys and photographs. In addition to their medical importance, the environmental roles of these snakes and the threats that are causing the decline of many of these reptiles are discussed. Drawing on the authors’ experience in the fields of herpetology, toxinology, and clinical medicine, this book stimulates respect and admiration and dispels fear of Australia’s fascinating snakes.

Australia’s Dangerous Snakes will provide hours of rewarding reading and valuable information for anyone interested in Australia’s unique wildlife and natural history, and it will be an essential reference for herpetologists, toxinologists, physicians, zoo personnel, and private snake collectors.

Table of Contents:
1: Introduction
2: The Relative Danger of Snakes
3: Morphology and General Features of Dangerous Snakes
4: Identification of Dangerous Snakes
5: The Dangerous Snakes Described
6: Conservation of Australia's Dangerous Snakes
7: Production, Actions and Uses of Venoms
8: Snakebite and Envenoming: Risks, Realities and Clinical Management
9: Snakes and People
Appendix: The Pioneers of Venom Production for Australian Antivenoms